Nasha Mukti Kendra in Nagpur

At the nasha mukti kendra in Nagpur, our experts will provide multiple ways and techniques to free you from addiction to drugs and alcoholism. We have expert counsellors and various medical professionals associated with us that will give you the proper treatment after detecting the complexity levels of your addiction.

Your addiction

At our centre in Nagpur, first of all, we will detoxify your body from the addictions of alcohol, drugs and tobacco. When the detoxification process ends, we will take your body the revival mode to a normal state where the craving for such substances ends.

We will accomplish the process of depression and revival through medications and multiple talk therapies, where we will primarily focus on your emotions and weakness. We will also consider your behavioural changes and negative thoughts and overcome these with various psychological therapies.

Identification of the cause

During your counselling session with us at nasha mukti kendra in Nagpur, we will try to trace the reasons and numerous causes of life that led to such addictions. We will offer you a multi-step program, because of which you will stop or gain control of the habits.

Healing the fractured psyche

When you consume alcohol or drugs beyond a certain level, your entire body and mind are subject to the influence of such substances. Through our rehabilitation program for the freedom from alcohol, drugs or tobacco, we will detox the toxicity in the mind, body and spirit.

Mental conditioning at nasha mukti Kendra

Drug addicts, alcoholics and tobacco addicts can reflect tremendous behavioural changes, even to the extent of violence. So for this, we have expert psychologists for the mental conditioning so that the addict stays sober during the treatment.


Our responsibility at Lifeskill

Once we admit the addict at the nasha mukti kendra in Nagpur, we take full responsibility for the individual till the patient is wholly de-addicted and detoxified.

We know your son or daughter is precious to you, and we treat the addicts as our own. Still, it is our responsibility to give individuals complete freedom from addictions and deliver them to a new phase of life. You may admit your relative or child at our centre for de-addiction in Nagpur.

Appointment at Nasha mukti, Nagpur

For delivering your child or relative from the deadly clutches of addiction to drugs, alcohol or tobacco, you can call or mail us at our centre.