Abhijit Sengupta


Abhijit Sengupta is a dynamic leader with interests in Indic philosophy, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience. He integrates his diverse knowledge in these fields in the therapeutic setting. Abhijit is also a great exponent of REBT - Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and the TC - Therapeutic Community program. Over a decade of experience in the field of addiction treatment and relapse management, Abhijit has worked in top establishments in Pune and Mumbai. He also spearheads many mental health awareness initiatives across the country and is a much sought after speaker on the topic of “Addiction and Un-manageabilities”. Abhijit has also worked with the Pune Police Narcotics Division on matters of policy on drug abuse prevention and treatment.


Dr Shreyas Mangia

Head of Psychiatry (MBBS, DPM, MIPS)

Dr. Shreyas Magia is a passionate healer who has been practising psychiatry for over a decade. He strongly believes in treating the patient rather than just the symptoms. This unique approach has made him a very compassionate and empathetic psychiatrist with a phenomenal success rate. His expertise in addiction medicine and managing patients in mental health crisis situations is par excellence. He also specialises in psychometric and IQ testing and works with the Geriatric population as well. Dr. Magia is also a consultant at some of the top hospitals across Nagpur.


Shalmalee Gadgil

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

MA Clinical Psychology, Certified Arts Based Therapy Practitioner, Foundation in Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching & Psychotherapy.

With a penchant for creative arts and expansive knowledge of Psychology, Shalmalee provides an unconventional twist to our team. Over the years she has mastered the skills for conducting beautifully crafted and unique Group Therapy sessions, Individual therapeutic interventions as well as Training sessions.


Rashi Thole

Consultant Graphotherapist

REBT Practitioner, and a student of Clinical Psychology.

Rashi has a keen interest in the study of Mind Sciences and as a budding Psychologist, Rashi provides our team with a fresh set of views. She is skilled in conducting individual as well as group sessions. In addition, she is a Mandala Artist and conducts ingeniously crafted sessions using creative arts as a tool.