Depression Counselling Centre in Rajnandgaon

Depression is a critical factor that goes against the concept of abundant life. Depression is a dangerous ailment of the mind that prevents growth and success and could result in suicidal tendencies. At the depression counselling centre in Rajnandgaon, we will offer you multiple therapies to treat depression and anxiety through our expert counsellors and psychologists.

Depression Counselling Centre in Nagpur

Psychotherapy at Lifeskill

At our counselling centre, we will provide you with the psychotherapy treatment sessions. Through such therapy, we will dive deep into the underlying reasons for your depressive life. It will be effective for treating depression.

After analysing the reasons and tracing the reasons for your depression, we will provide you with multiple skills to cope with such a situation.

The type of psychotherapy we offer you will depend on the multiple factors. Some of these are:

  • The complexity of the symptoms
  • Personal preferences
  • Goals of therapy

Psychotherapy-what is it?

With the help of psychotherapy, we will treat psychological disorders with psychological and verbal techniques. You will have a positive relationship with your therapist during the psychotherapy session. Our focus for such a therapy will be:

  • Overcoming the negative thoughts
  • Identifying the behavioural patterns
  • Talk therapy sessions are a crucial part of psychotherapy

Combined approach at Lifeskill

At the depression counselling centre in Nagpur, we will follow a combined approach for the treatment. This is the best approach because we provide you with a fusion of the antidepressants with psychotherapy to escape the complex depressive state.

The psychotherapists associated with us apt and some of the professionals related to us at Nagpur Centre are:

  • Psychiatrists
  • Clinical psychologists
  • Counsellors for the substance abuse
  • Counsellors for the multiple health
  • Family and marriage therapists
  • Social workers
  • Psychiatric nurses

Depression treatment

The psychotherapy treatment for depression that we provide you will depend on multiple factors. Some of these are:

  • Your preferences
  • The complexity of the symptoms

Some of the psychotherapy treatments we offer are:

  • Cognitive therapy: With the help of cognitive therapy, we will teach you to trace the common negative thinking patterns. These are called cognitive distortions.
  • Behavioural therapy: With the help of behavioural therapy, we will focus on changing your behaviours that impact emotions.
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy: With the help of dialectical behavioural therapy, we will ask individuals having depression to accept and acknowledge the behaviours and negative thoughts.

Some other therapies we offer are:

  • Psychodynamic therapy
  • Interpersonal therapy

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